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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Kylie for Christmas...

Folks, I have made a decision! I've been promising my other half that he's getting Kylie Minogue for Christmas for about the last eight years but since we plan to marry next year have decided that I actually mean it this time! Now, by this I do not mean that I intend to kidnap the Aussie songstress and gift wrap her for him (although methinks that he wouldn't be looking for a refund if I did). What I am referring to is the fact that there are certain similarities between us (I wish) or actually maybe there's only one...we're both five foot nothing (which is a terrible affliction when you're an ordinary human being who can't reach top shelves in shops and needs every single pair of trousers known to mankind taken up but makes you cute and sexy when you're a popstar who had seven foot bodyguards towering over her!)

Whilst she is a skinamalink I have a spare tyre or three sitting around my middle. Whilst she has a pert bum that compliments skimpy hotpants and drives men wild I have childbearing hips that are best suited to wide legged capri pants. But all that is about to change as I am going to begin Slimming World syn or not to syn that is the question!

The first class starts in two weeks and then the craic will begin in earnest and instead of cooking things because they're handy I shall be cooking them because they are good for me and the rest of the house (who will all have gobs on them because I intend to throw out the deep fat fryer, outlaw crisps and chocolate and buy copious amounts of fresh things that they will mutter about and poke with their forks in disgust...and that's just Philip I'm talking about!)

Wish me luck folks...or perhaps I should say "I should be so lucky...lucky lucky lucky ;)

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