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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Return of Civilisation....

Hi everyone,

No is me!! It's not an imposter pretending to be Fionnuala/Fiona/Finoodles becasue she has fell off the face of the earth and totally forgotten about her blog and its followers...ahem!!

Where does one start to explain the confusion, disruption and most of all the wondrous visit to a lovely place called STRESS CITY that has ensued from the crazy idea of moving house whilst having a six month old baby, a mad four year old and three mildly disgruntled teenagers in tow (and I'm not even going to mention the fact that I had a deadline for my third book hanging over my head at the same time!) My mother said to me several months ago - (adopts earnestly serious expression just like Eileen wears when imparting advice, criticism or both) "Fionnuala if you are trying to give yourself a hernia you are going the right way about it. Would it not be a better idea to tackle one thing at a time instead of trying to do everything at once?"

My mother and I then went on to have a very invigorating chat about what we would do if we both had the pleasure of living in an ideal world (and I won the argument...ha)! Don't tell her I said that, mind you! Just know that what I'm telling you is true!!!

But Mammy does have a point (only a small one, mind, but its there all the same.) I have never been one to do things by half. Nooooooooooooooooooo (when uttering this word and in order to give it the right air of drama it helps if you suck your teeth and shake your head.) I believe in dealing with everything life throws at me all at the same time. A bit of recreational circus training in the art of juggling may have been useful here but who knew that there would be so much to deal with at once?! Well...I did... sorta...kinda...maybe but thinking that I am God's own answer to Superwoman I went on ahead anyway!

I now know why experts say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life and I'm not just talking about the physical aspects of it regarding the actual 'move'. The transition period where you try to get used to new surroundings is also quite difficult especially when you've come from quite a built up area but now find yourself slap bang in the middle of the country where the shop isn't as easily accessible and you can't go to the front door and shout and hope that some of the many friends you made in the last street might hear you! That said, however, our new home is perfect! It's light and airy and spacious, our children have tons of room for both themselves and all the 'stuff' they have accumulated over the years,the garden is huge and finally I have my own writing room and dressing room (yay...happy dance) but the journey there has been bumpy and stressful and just ever so slightly manic!

Thank God I saw light approaching the end of the tunnel several weeks ago or I may have been trying to write my blog whilst entangled in a straight jacket in a room where padded walls are prevalent and there are no removal vans, sleepless nights or book deadlines to worry about (all at the same time!)

Am I am happy now though, I hear you ask?!

I am delighted!!! I have finished my third book and am in the process of editing it! I have started to write a fourth book and am very pleased with it! The house looks lived in and half normal and no longer has one room named by my four year old as 'the messy room' becasue it contained (all over the floor) the contents of the attic from our old house and the children are all happy and have settled in well and taken to life in the country like little ducks to water!!

However....(sorry if I didn't complain this would be very boring to read)....I am most distressed due to the fact that I have been without broadband now for nearly eleven weeks!!!!! Surgery to staple my right arm back on would have been complete by now but unfortunately the internet connection is still severed and if the actions of a certain phone company and sattelite provider do not result in contact with cyberspace being made shortly I will not be responsible for my actions!!! And its not only me who is suffering...every time my children want to use Facebook they have to hang out my bedroom window upside down with an elbow in the air, manically waving the phone around and crying obsenities at the poor signal! For the love of God....please sort it out engineers!!! Pleeeeeeeeease!

Anyway...I hope that this justifies my lack of contact over the past few months!! I have been busy! I have been reduced to behaving like a raving lunatic at times but hey it was worth it all and were you to ask me to do it all over again....I would run ten miles in my bare feet over scalding hot coals just to get away from you!

Civilisation has indeed resumed and I will be in touch again very soon (from my other half's computer at his work...)

It's good to be back!

Fionn xxx

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