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Fiona Cassidy
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Wednesday, 19 October 2011 I'm not good at keeping my resolutions...I know I know...

Yes folks,

I did write a very long blog on 16th August stating that I was going to keep updating my blog blah blah blah but it didn't quite turn out like that! It's a bit like the first week in January when I plan my diet with the precision of a military strategist which usually lasts until the second week in January when I say 'feck it' and go and have a Wispa!

In my defence, however, I have to make you aware of the fact that my internet connection has only just been restored within the last week (happy dance....yay!) and as I've been spending all my time nursing my hubby back to health after a bit of nasty day procedure surgery (I would tell you the details but don't think you'd want to know!) my time has been all but taken up...aside from the fact that I've also managed to write another 10,000 words of my newest novel (entitled Forever Valentine and set in Belfast)...smug? me? Noooooooo.....

Anyway...this is just a wee note to say that I am going to be better at being in touch and for all you kind people who had the thought and presence of mind to email me through my website to ensure that I was still indeed in the land of the living I thank you for your concern!

Fionn xx

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