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Fiona Cassidy
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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Counting Your Blessings

I know that I'm occasionally prone to whinging about my children and how messy/untidy/annoying/loud they are but when all is said and done they're mine, they're all healthy, happy and well and fit to enjoy life to the full and that is a blessing not to be sniffed at. Several sad events have taken place recently within my own community which have made me abruptly sit up and evaluate my life and in doing so I've come to the conclusion that although it has been hard there are people not too far away from me who have suffered terrible losses within the past few months that will undoubtedly be difficult and traumatic to deal with.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than the sudden death of a young and much loved child and as a mother myself I cannot begin to even comprehend the anguish and pain that must be experienced by parents in this situation. Equally as distressing is the sight of someone you love fading away before your eyes through an agressively short illness and what makes that situation even more harrowing is when it is a well respected, highly though of person in the prime of life who did a lot for the area and leaves behind a devoted wife and three young children.

Life can be very cruel and it's at times like these that I do question what the plan is and why certain people seem to sail through life whilst others are constantly burdened with heartache and sorrow.

Today I value my family and friends and I keep in my thoughts and prayers those who are struggling to come to terms with sadness and grief.

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