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Friday, 23 March 2012

One Man's Treasure....

Like every woman in the world there's nothing I enjoy more than getting a good bargain and I couldn't resist sharing this with you! I bought this beautiful red bag on Monday and have been showered with compliments since (I even got stopped in the street by a girl who mistook it for a Paul's Boutique creation demanding to know where I got it as apparently 'red ones are a bitch to get hold off'.) Hee which point my joy was multiplied one hundred fold!!

Now are yis all ready for this....I paid the princely sum of £3.00 for it in one of my local charity shops (Drop Inn Ministries on the Dungannon Road)! It had literally been brought in about ten minutes before I arrived for my weekly snoop and I was rather delighted I must say!!

I find second hand shops, vintage boutiques and charity outlets all completely fascinating! Perhaps it's the writer in me coming to the fore...but I love to imagine who owned the items before they were relegated to the black bin bags, why they had them in the first place, why they're getting rid of them and then why the person buying them has a need for them...lots of questions and the possibility of a thousand answers....great craic trying to figure it all out as you nosy through everything!

I also adore the sense of adventure and the idea that when you go in you never know what to expect! There are some very quirky and obscure items out there for the taking....and I usually do!

To date some of the weird and wonderful stuff I have bought include....a Senseo Coffee Maker (that works like a dream that I paid £5.00 bit RRP upwards on £60), a set of wicker furniture for my conservatory, a TV cabinet, glass tables, a purple children's sofa bed, numerous items of clothing including a gorgeous cream trench coat (with the labels still on and bought for £6...ha), some very funky cardigans and scarves and some lovely pieces of jewellrey!

And just think...not only are you getting more for your money but what cash you do give is going towards a good cause....another reason for the feel good factor (along with knowing that you've got the deal of the century!)

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