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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Feis Factor.....

It's Tuesday the 20th March and the X Factor tour bus has arrived in a small Co. Tyrone town to listen to thousands of hopefuls audition to become the next pop sensation......

Oh awright's Tuesday the 20th March and it's that time of year again when the Dungannon Feis gets underway and all the local children partake in singing, doing drama and reciting poems in both English and Irish and this morning our very enthusiastic little five year old took to the stage (as pupil no. 24) and sang her little heart out (for all of three seconds....there was only four lines to the song but hey it was enough to prove she has 'it'!)

Before the event we left the house in a fug of gel spray (to keep Aine's unruly hair sitting properly), deodorant (for mammy and daddy who obviously needed the strength of Sure to keep the nerves at bay) and much talk of how important it is to participate in these things even if you don't win....oh and don't be fiddling with your skirt, taking out your pigtails or picking anything you shouldn't...ahem.

We practised the very important song all the way in the car, (I declare to God if you ask me the tune of it ten years from now I'll still remember about to burst into a hum as I write this so fresh is it in my head!) arrived at the Des Fox Pavilion in Edendork and then it was all systems go until our wee woman (three from the end) made her contribution!

There's nothing like a group of shiny and sparkling ribbon clad little girls lisping and lilting their way through a song to bring a smile to your face of a Tuesday morning and they all did brilliantly! No forgotten words...and very proud mammies and daddies (with video cameras and iPhones at the ready to record the event!)

When they had all done their bit it was time for the ajudicator (who we shall refer to as Simon Cowell for the craic) to make her all important decision and ten minutes later after much cogitation and deliberation (in the manner of Lloyd Grossman)the announcements were made!

There were certificates, three third place medals (of which our little lady was one), two second place medallists and a very talented little first place winner!

And to say that no. 24's Mammy and Daddy were bursting with excitement would be an understatement! Little Mix's combined parentage couldn't have smiled any harder!

Then it was outside to be papped by the press (or have the photo taken by the Tyrone Times in our case!)

Our wee Aine....a star in the making?! Well we think so anyway!

Now we just have to get through the English and Irish poems....!

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